I have always been a foodie, but only recently started reading food blogs. My friend Lana sent me a link to her friend Emily’s blog: Eatventures. I got obsessed with reading her blog (which led me to others).  Super Caloric Chalk Dust was about teaching and eating and being a semi-newlywed. Being relatively newlywed myself, and a fellow teacher (the third grade variety), I really related to her. So, thanks to Emily for inspiring me to start a blog of my own. I am doing this as more of a creative outlet than anything. But, I am excited.

Incidentally, I got so wrapped up in making tiny little changes to my blog page, I forgot to eat. That rarely happens to me, but at 2:30pm (after walking the dog, running, and mowing the lawn), I realized I was starrrving. So I scarfed down 2 leftover pancakes with peanut butter, a handful of Espresso Mix (a trail mix with chocolate covered espresso beans) half a mushy apple (ick), and half cup of multi-grain cheerios with milk. Pretty pathetic. I guess that’s what happens when I ignore my hunger for too long. I’ll get back on track with dinner.


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