I love mornings. Anytime before 10am is my favorite time of day. Even during the summer, I usually don’t sleep in past 7am. I like the light, the temperature, the radio talk shows, the breakfast…the possibilities! This morning, one of my kitties woke me up wanting to be petted at 6:45am. I got up, got the animals fed (sometimes I feel like we live on a farm: 2 cats, 1 puppy) and made a chicken sandwich for Meeker’s lunch. Then I did about 20 minutes of Pilates and decided to walk to one of my favorite coffee places – Kunjanifor a latte. I took Punky (the puppy) – which was kind of hectic – because I am trying my hardest to socialize her, but she is full of life. The people at Kunjani are oh so friendly and were so considerate and helpful as I tried to keep the beast calm. They even brought my latte outside for me as I was trying to keep her subdued and quiet. A big “thank you” to the employees there.

Here is a picture of the dog and the latte on the walk back:

longily looking at latte

When we got back, I sat on our back deck and enjoyed the coffee.

coffee on deckThen I came inside and made myself a yummy egg for breakfast – which I ate with a tiny bit of wilted spinach.


After polishing this off in about 45 seconds, I watched the Rachael Ray Showwhich I do almost every day in the summer. On today’s show, she was making a brunch extravaganza. I reaaaaaally enjoy a big, over-the-top brunch, and cannot wait for the next time I have an excuse to pull one together. (Hey friends/family, come for a morning visit and I promise you will not leave hungry!)

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