After the atrocious mid-day meal I had, I wasn’t sooooo hungry for dinner. But I made a meatloaf for Meeker and then sauteed some lovely asparagus, a yellow bell pepper some onions and garlic for a side. I had a few bites of meat loaf and a giant plate of the veggie mess. It was delish. (I like abbreviations) The color was so very summery, too.


After doing the dishes and cleaning up a bit, I was in need of some dessert. I took some chocolate ice cream and filled one of my very favorite little cups almost full. (That would be 3/4 c. of the tasty stuff) I topped it with a spoonful of my almond butter (which is nothing more than almonds in a food processor with a bit of peanut oil and some honey – processed until it is smooth) and two baby strawberries. A very satisfying little treat.

ice cream blue(On an aside, I really, really love these little bowls. They are exactly 1 cup when filled to the top, and they have 1/4 cup measurements on them. Plus they have little lids, so they make for perfect little storage containers when I can’t finish a whole meal. I have to thank my best friend – Jocelyn – for these little gems).

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