One great thing about the routine of eating together each night, is that it gives Meeker and I a chance to sit down with each other and debrief. I think food has that ability…to allow people to relax and relate to each other while they share a common experience. I think that is why family dinners, holiday meals, and dining with friends are things that I love so much.

Tonights veggie dinner featured items that were ALL on sale at the grocery store this week! You can find the exact recipe here. However, you could probably piece it together based on the photos. I started out cooking the spaghetti squash this morning, while the house was still nice and cool.

holes split the squash

Then I cut more veggies and roasted them all.


Then dumped the roasted veggies on the spaghetti squash and topped my portion with cottage cheese and almonds, while Meeker’s bowl sported some leftover chicken.

yummy vegsfinished close up

Tonight, while chowing on this delish dinner, we had a conversation about how food tastes better with love and care added, and then started getting silly about what foods we would equate with both love and care. We both agreed that if love was a food, it would be some sort of fat: butter or cream, we couldn’t decide. And if care was a food, it would be a garnish. (Although, my initial response for care was…cinnamon…?)

What are your thoughts? What foods represent “love and care” for you?

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