Happy Thursday! Thursday is my favorite day of the week. To celebrate, I drove Meeker to work today just for a little extra time with him. Also, I really like listening to a morning radio show called Jesse and Shotgun on a country station here in Denver. So, I got to listen to them chat about the Keith Urban concert last night, and then on the way back I absolutely rocked out to my newest favorite CD: The Foundation – The Zac Brown Band. I cranked up every single song on their CD – they are all phenomenal.

I had gone for an early morning run when I woke up, so after I returned from drive-the-husband-to-work-day, I was famished. I threw together some cottage cheese, strawberries, cherries and almonds.

zone breakfast

This kind of breakfast is reminiscent of the Zone Diet days of my life. The almost year-long Zone phase introduced me to a love of cottage cheese – which I am still very enthusiastic about.  Although it was yummy – it didn’t really fill me up. I had to be somewhere at 10am, so I just dealt with the hunger and headed out the door. I find if I do this – I usually forget about the hunger for an hour or so, but it always comes back with a vengeance. (One of my many personal problems with diets)

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