My brother’s 3 kids are staying with us for the weekend and it is fun, fun, fun! I can’t wait to have kids of my own. Here are some highlights from this evening…

Mac n’ cheese – kid style: I just made a béchamel sauce and added some good old cheddar cheese to it (making a mornay sauce of sorts). Then mixed some whole wheat spaghetti (broken into pieces) and some other kind of curly pasta that was in the pantry. Everyone liked it…

Girl's plates

Baby E and Bellatrix the kitty enjoyed their portions too…

Easton loves it

Bella too

And the adult kind (with spinach and some chicken for Meeker)

adult variety

And the evening wouldn’t have been complete without some cookie making (and enjoying) and a very fun trip to the park!

mix the flour


Look at E! He’s got his eye on the cookies…

final product

Me with a big hunk of cookie tucked in my cheek…

enjoying the hard work

The melty chocolate goodness was a treat for all:

yummy chocolate chips

Actually, E just dipped the kitty toy in the water, while everyone else got chocolate all over their faces. And then a very pleasent walk to the park with the whole gang. All in all – a very fun evening!all with punky

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