My family was stopping by on the way back from DIA this evening, and I wanted to prepare something yummy for them to eat – but I really didn’t want to go to the grocery store – so I made a pantry-clean-out meal.


It was more successful than I had hoped! I will post the exact recipe here, but essentially, it was the vegetable drawer,  with rice and orzo pasta and red wine vinegar/ evoo as a dressing. Very fresh tasting.


The fam was extremely grateful for a “real” meal after traveling all day…


They even brought me presents from Trader Joe’s in sunny, CA:

100_1244 100_1243

These are my kind of presents. As you can see, I already ripped into the “Fiveseed Almond Bars” (well, the family really bought them for themselves to snack on, but knew that I would like them – so gave the rest to me – more leftover love)

However, for my dinner, I was craving “summer”


Am I the only person on earth who hadn’t discovered the phenomenal flavor combo of blueberries and watermelon together? I mean seriously…this was perfection. I couldn’t stop talking about it tonight, it completely rocked my socks off. Do you all know how good these fruits taste together? If you haven’t tried them – you must. MUST.

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