Last night it was so hot in our house, we sat in Meeker’s truck bed trying to find “a breeze” until about 1am. It was unusually fun. Unusual because I am usually incapable of staying up past 10pm. So, we slept in this morning until around 9am and have been lazing around the house – watching the top 20 countdown on the country music channel.

And I had a nice little breakfast:


This wasn’t the best thing I have ever had, but it was just fine. Fairly sweet and filling.


  • 4-5 small straberries
  • 3-4 broccoli florets (yeah, I had broccoli for breakfast)
  • a whole kiwi – skin and all
  • Amazing Grass packet
  • some milk (~cup)

Then….whoohoo! Some more dessert pizza! Just as yummy and fresh tasting as last night.


I ate a little more than half of this slice  and was full and satisfied. Now it is off to the doggie park – yet again! (This will be Meeker’s first time experiencing the fabulousness of this place!)

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