I love what I eat on the days that I go grocery shopping. There are just so many options when the fridge is full! Here is the salad I ate when I returned from the store. Lettuce, Boca burger, cucumber, olives,  and Parmesan cheese all dressed with salsa. Good eats.


Additionally, I found this little puppy on sale…hallelujah. I had a few bites following the salad and it is good. I mean REALLY good.


Thank you to Emily for the fried rice idea last week. That is what was on the menu at the Unger Cocina this evening. Here are some of the usual suspects.


But the star of the show was this guy:


A present from my brother that is so much appreciated. I know you are thinking…”Really, BBQ sauce with fried rice?” But don’t knock it until you try this stuff. Asian/ Southern fusion has never been so easy or tasty. Thank you Dean Martin.

The final product…


And as I type, I am attempting to make my first loaf of bread. Inspired by The Baker’s Apprentice, I am re-creating La Fouace aux Noix. (and I don’t speak any French…so anyone out there, feel free to spell this out phonetically for me – it would be much appreciated). I will let you know how it turns out en la manana!

I’m off to watch the season finale of The Bachelorette! (I know…I can’t believe I watch such trash either).

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