It has been an unusually cloudy day here in Colorado, so it was a fabulous day for the great food I had. It always makes me feel warmer to eat well – and that is a very good thing in my book.

Our writing workshop at school was (to my surprise) very good and it made me so excited to get into the classroom again and try out some of the new ideas! We had an hour for lunch, so I ran home to make myself a tasty salad:


It featured: 1/2 zucchini, turkey, Parmesan cheese, and a wonderfully simple dressing that I made from evoo, balsamic vinaigrette, garlic powder, onion juice, and sesame seeds. The dressing really made the salad.

I also had an Amazing Grass packet with milk and some of the heavenly bread from last night with a smear of chunky peanut butter.

100_1361 100_1362

Each piece of this meal was so satisfying and I was the perfect amount of full afterwards – something that, for me, is extremely hard to achieve. Plus, it lasted all the way through the afternoon!

For dinner, I made a first…wheat berries! I have been reading about them, and then they were on sale in the bulk section at a wonderful little grocery store called Sprouts here in Parker.  So, I soaked them all day (to ensure dinner coming together quickly) then boiled them for about an hour. When they were tender, I topped them with sauteed zucchini, yellow squash and tomato sauce….oh and a bit of queso that melted beautifully under all of the veggies.


This was decidedly a very “fall” meal – which (despite it being July) was perfect for this gloomy, rainy day.


What I learned: I like wheat berries.

Meeker said it well when he described their texture as a mix of “a corn kernel and a grain of rice” – well put, my dear. Well put. However, having never made them before, I wasn’t quite sure what the texture should have been – but I enjoyed them just how they were in this meal.

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