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pizza making

I have only made pizza dough one other time, but I remember it being successful. So, when I read a recipe for a Caesar Salad Pizza in my RR magazine […]

peanut butter and sushi

This morning,  inspired by Kath, I used an almost empty peanut butter jar to create my breakfast. To this I added: 1/2 cup plain yogurt 1/2 cup Honey Nut Bunches […]

watermelon heaven and family

My family was stopping by on the way back from DIA this evening, and I wanted to prepare something yummy for them to eat – but I really didn’t want […]

leftover kindness

I went for another hike with the doggie this morning, but before I went I had some yogurt and this FABULOUSLY beautiful plum. …I  mean, LOOK at that color. Gorgeous. […]

summer is dwindling…

I start school next week, so I have dedicated every day (from now until then) to fully enjoying summer things, like mid-day hikes, grilling, and weeknight movies with friends. And it […]

juice for breakfast

Breakfast is my favorite meal, and normally, I like to wake up with a bang. Complete with eggs or pancakes or coffee cake. However, during the summer, sometimes the only […]

throwback tastes

I found a recipe from Kath for a casserole that included canned salmon, lots o’ veggies, and noodles, and it reminded me so much of a dish my mom used […]

successful veggie make-over #2

Still loving those leftover roasted vegetables. Here is what I did with them for lunch… This was so good – I was completely satisfied eating just half. In the sandwich: […]

baked omelette

I really like omelettes, but can never seem to flip them correctly…so I bake them. It is so stinkin’ easy. This morning, I was craving those leftover veggies from last night, […]

this is why I love dessert

All I can say is that I am glad I had a really satisfying lunch and thank goodness for chocolate ice cream. My dinner was…disjointed. The ingredients sounded good on […]