I went for a very lovely bike ride this morning as a cross-training workout. Riding my bike is always (1) more challenging and (2) more enjoyable than I think it will be. Plus, I got to see a very pretty, orange sunrise.

Then I whipped up this guy


If you are thinking, “Ugh, that looks brown and gross” – you are wrong.

It actually started out pink and beautiful, but then I had to go adding things to ruin the color. After the initial blend of strawberries, cherries, protein powder, and soy milk, I added 2 giant handfuls of spinach. Then I topped it with a spoonful of granola – which sunk immediately. Lip smacking goodness.


The granola is long gone in this one. All the way at the bottom of the mug. I rescued it with a spoon – don’t worry.

While I was enjoying this green monster, I heard a strange noise coming out of the cupboard. Upon investigation I found:


Bellatrix. Busted. She had torn into a bag of catnip – that little devil.

It’s finally Friday! Bellatrix’s day is off to a good start and I hope that yours is too!

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