When I was a freshman in high school, trying out for the soccer team, I remember hearing a rumor about the head coach and how he liked to put a trash can at one end of the field and tell the players to “run until they threw up” – While I made the soccer team, and this never happened, when I heard this, some sick part of me thought “Yes, bring it on!” Even at 14 years old, I had this intense drive to push myself and my physical limitations.


With that being said, I started off this morning’s 8 mile run with this PB&J pita and a sense of confidence and exuberance. I kept telling Meeker how much I loved running and how good I felt. Then, at the fourth mile (our turn around point) – BOOM -fatigue struck. Little did I realize during the first 1/2 of the run, that it was all downhill and the sun was at my back. So, when I turned around to head home, I was running uphill with the sun (which felt like a blow torch) on my face. I pushed myself so hard that I thought I was going to vomit on two separate occasions.

I promised myself that if I continued to run the entire way, I would buy myself a treat. So when I walked in the door, I first headed for a chilly shower, and then immediately jumped in the car to reward myself with…



We are really Inta Juice – is their motto.

Oh it was so refreshing and good. This particular smoothie was called Sunset Beach and it featured some of my favorite characters: orange, watermelon, strawberry and peach. It was so citrus-y and tart. I loved every sip.

I drank it in the car on my way to meet my mama for a date! I finally, finally, finally got to see Julie & Julia. It was so lovely (the company and the afternoon movie). I related to it on so many levels – for fairly obvious reasons. I plan on buying it when it comes out on dvd.

When I got home around 3pm I was ready to eat my arm. I guess that is what a long run and a 2 hour movie about food will do to a girl.

I quickly threw some chicken on the grill. (Drizzled with evoo and balsamic vinegar, and sprinkled with grill seasoning)


While it was cooking, I prepared the “bed” of spinach, corn, carrots and green beans. The end result was phenomenal. I couldn’t stop saying “MMmmmm” with each bite I took.



Last one, I promise…


I have been enthraled with salads lately. While enjoying the heck out of  this salad I was pondering what I am going to eat when corn, spinach, carrots and green beans are NO longer in season! Ack! I don’t even want to think about it right now.

Such a happy Saturday.

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