We were lazy this morning, and didn’t get out of bed until a little after 9:00. I then went on a cleaning rampage, and started scrubbing floors, counter tops and bathroom sinks. By 10:00, I realized I needed to give up my frantic cleaning and hop in the shower if we were going to make it to church on time. The service starts at 10:45, and we were stumbling out of the door at 10:40, both of us starving and not looking forward to the 20 – 25 minute drive to church. So, we opted to go to Kunjani for a latte and a bagel and then attend a church that is much closer to our house. In the scuffle to get out of the door, I forgot my camera, but the latte and the bagel were perfection. I hadn’t had a bagel in sooo long and it completely hit the spot. As for the church, we had never been there before, but both of us were surprised by how much we liked it. We also loved how close to home we were, and decided on a Sprouts trip afterwards.

We got so many delicious bulk items (trail mix, wheatberries, grits, oats) but my favorite purchase was this gigantic bucket of greens.

Plus, we were under our weekly grocery budget by about $20 bucks (we try to spend $50 a week, so going under by $20 is A LOT!) I couldn’t believe it – Sprouts
is the best news.

Then, Meeker dissected our vacuum which hasn’t been working properly for a while. It just barely picks up the layer of animal hair that is constantly covering everything in our house. It turns out that I vacuumed up a pen a while back and it was serving as a place for all kinds of gunk to build up. Eeew. It was so yucky. Thank you Meek. I decided to make him some grits as a treat and a big thank you.

I like keeping things in glass jars. It is very neat and tidy. This particular jar used to have pickles in it.

I hadn’t made grits in a really long time; I had to look up a recipe. It said that non-instant grits would take about 40 minutes, so I prepared for a long stint of standing at the stove, stirring. However, 10 minutes later – they looked like the grits of my childhood: creamy, soft and thick. Maybe we accidentally got quick-cooking? I don’t know what the deal was – but I was glad.

We always used to have cheese grits at my grandma’s house, so the taste is very nostalgic to me.

I had a couple of bites out of the pan, but Meeker enjoyed a full bowl.

Then I set about making myself…wait for it…another salad!

This one had carrots, chicken (leftover from yesterday), and bean sprouts. I put ranch dressing on it. It was, per usual, delicious! Half-way through the bowl, I felt like I wanted to add…grapes? It was a weird urge, but we didn’t have any and I enjoyed it nonetheless.

While enjoying my greens, I looked over at Meeker and saw that beads of sweat were forming on his face. I went to check the thermostat and found that it was about 90* in our living room. So, we finally bit the bullet and turned on the air conditioning for the first time this summer. It feels really nice – and I typically scoff at people who use the AC because, as a rule, I am always cold.

I need to do some lesson planning, but I will be back for dinner! Have a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

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