I spent the better part of my day dealing with an angry parent. Grrr. That is by far the worst part of my job. I try to remember that I am not a parent yet, and I remind myself that if/when I am – I will probably act like the seemingly nutty parents of my students. Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

Okay, venting over and on to the food; I decided to have a brunchy lunch today because I always feel my best after eating breakfast, so I thought – why not just eat more breakfast for lunch?

Breakfast + a salad = the best thing.

I started with the salad

Mixed greens, bean sprouts, shredded carrot, cucumber, balsamic vinegar

Then, the “breakfast” part

On top of yogurt = this mess:

The bar was just okay. It tasted a little…earthy. But mixed in with the plain, tangy yogurt – it was just right. It didn’t fill me up, so I dug into an apple that was given to me by a student

The kiddos always put their “gift apples” next to the golden apple that always sits on my desk. Cute.

After a long, loooonnngg afternoon/evening, I came home craving lettuce wraps. We didn’t have any leaves of lettuce – only the bucket of greens we bought yesterday. So I made a “lettuce wrap inspired salad”. When I told Meeker what we were having, he said “That sounds complicated” – but it wasn’t at all.

I started with these ingredients (plus two shredded carrots) and added that to some very lean ground beef:

The unlabeled container under the minced onions is garlic powder. The bottle on the very left is a sweet chili sauce. The rest is self explanatory.

I put the ground meat over a bed of greens, bean sprouts, and green beans

The sauce/dressing on top was spicy mustard mixed with soy sauce and water. Sounds bizarre, tastes great.

After 1.5 bowls of this (which tasted almost EXACTLY like the lettuce wraps I was craving) I was still hungry, so I balled up some cantaloupe with a teaspoon measuring spoon.

A sweet, and happy ending. And now I feel much better and better equipped to deal with parents tomorrow! I guess that is what a good meal will do for you.

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