Picture 006

Okay, so it’s a little awkward. But those pictures are always awkward. They tell you to turn your head at an odd angle and look “right here” – it’s just not natural. Plus it was at 7:30am. All things considered, I am pleased.

I had 3 minutes to eat lunch. Literally 3 minutes. 12: 07 – 12:10 – and I was on the phone the whole time.

Picture 001

An Amy’s Burrito. Rice and beans.

I had to split it in half so that the steam could be released and I could eat it faster.

Picture 003

…and I still burned the heck out of my mouth. But it was so tasty.

I rushed home and threw together this delightful snack:

Picture 004

ww bread toasted, peanut butter, and a few pear slices. It was so good.

I want to stay home and eat 100 more slices of this, but alas – today is speedwork in our training program and 1600s are on today’s schedule. I am so scurred. At least it is cloudy today – a very good running temp! Adios for a bit!

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