I was pretty much hungry all day. My breakfast was carb heavy, so I attempted to balance it out with my lunch:

Greens, red pepper, corn cut off the cob, cucumber and a Boca burger.

I LOVE this salad! It is a major repeat, but it never disappoints.

Plus, it takes about 2 minutes to make.

But, like before – I was still hungry, so I had the 2nd half of a chocolate mug cake that I made last night after my post.

It isn’t the best cake in the world – but it’s good and chocolaty and it takes 5 minutes to make. So, when in need of a chocolate fix – it is perfect. Also, I used whole wheat flour on this go-around and it tasted exactly the same as white flour, so why not make the switch?

…plus some delicious cold milk to further try and fill my bottomless pit of a stomach.

Dinner was made out of desperation and in the midst of extreme hunger. It turned out pretty well (if I do say so myself).

I started with a box of Annie’s Shells and White Cheddar, and then added ½ box of whole wheat pasta. Next, I made my own white sauce and added Annie’s powdered mix. Then I sautéed up some zucchini and warmed up some leftover chicken, trimmed some green beanies, combined it all and…

So DANG good.

I am kind of full, now. Not completely, just kind of.

Tomorrow is a 10 mile run, so my plans for the night include lying on the couch and going to bed early – which sounds just perfect after this long week!

What is your idea of a good Friday night?

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