I think I forgot what training for races does to my appetite. I am hungry constantly. I try to eat foods that will keep me full for a while – but nothing seems to satiate for long. With that being said, I didn’t try very hard for those “fill up” foods this morning – I just wanted carbs. Here it is. (Remember – these pictures were taken on an iphone, so please excuse the dark/blurry images).

Worked out this morning without my usual pre-run snack. So, afterwards was a nightmare of tummy rumbling. Wanted bagles.


Oh, and cereal, too. But the bagels were “minis” and the cereal I mixed with plain yogurt for just a bit more staying power.

On the cinnamon raisin bagel I put a little butter, on the plain bagle there was a dab of peanut butter.


I hurridly scarfed this down and was still hungry – so I had more cereal. Just a half a cup or so. With milk this time.


Boy, it is mornings like this that I am glad I don’t count calories. I was hungry, so I ate. Done. No guilt. However, my lunch will be sure to include a little more protein. Balance.

With that, I am off! Happy Friday to you all, and here is to staying full!

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