First, I have to highlight Meeker’s post-run breakfast. Apparently this is what helps him recover:

Pile ‘o bacon, spicy hash browns and eggs. Whatever works, I guess. It made me feel sleepy and heavy just watching him eat.

No problem for this guy.

I was not hungry after my chai high smoothie, so I jumped in the shower and decided to get my Saturday errands done. UPS, post office, bank, etc.

But when I got home I was hungry and tired.

So it was leftover chicken and Spanish rice.

The rice was perfect still, but the chicken was a little bland – so I broke out some hot sauce that my big bro got me in Costa Rica.

Then dipped my meal – chicken nugget style…

Much better. This “salsa” is more of a sauce to me, and has a sweet, vinegary type of taste. It adds a nice little kick of flavor and spice.

But – still hungry. So, more food.

The rest of my pear from this morning and one of Cait’s frozen pumpkin cookie gems.

Okay, full now. But sooo tired.

So I took a nap. And now I feel like a zombie and a half. Blaaah. Hopefully I will be back to my euphoric post-running self in a few minutes. This is why I hate naps. But, I think it was really needed, so no harm done – (as soon as I snap out of it.) Until that happens, I will be blog reading and chugging ice cold water.

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