This was the best, best, best pre-run snack ever. A piece of multigrain toast with butter, and 2 slices of pear sprinkled with cinnamon. Geez it was good. The pears got all smooshy – almost like jelly on the toast.

One thing I love about living in Colorado is the way that Saturday mornings seemed designed for exercise. During my Saturday morning runs, I truly cannot go ¼ a mile without seeing families, friends, couples and loaners up and about. This morning there were bikers, runners, walkers, families in the stream, and even the bunnies, frogs, snakes, horses, and deer were doing their thang. All of God’s creatures were up and about, moving and shaking.

As for this creature, I had one of the most enjoyable runs to date. The first 3 miles were harder than heck (per usual), but after pushing through that wall, I felt like this guy:

Okay, not really. But I did feel really good. I got into my groove around mile 4 and before I knew it – 10 miles was over!

(And speaking of Usain Bolt – I have a student who stands up and strikes this pose in the middle of the classroom when he is feeling confident)

The trailhead where we run is right by an Inta Juice, and it is really hard to NOT stop by after long runs. So, why fight it? This morning I went for a new flavor. It was called Chai High which is a blend of chai tea, frozen yogurt and strawberries. Somehow, it is only 290 calories per 24oz. I don’t know how they do it. It is fantastically flavorful.

My weekend is off to a kick start and I am thrilled that it isn’t even 10am, yet! I am so excited about this, I actually feel like screaming. Those running endorphins are doing their thing and I can’t wait to see what the rest of my Saturday has in store! Praise the Lord!

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