So, if you follow my blog, you have heard me mention the grocery store Sprouts that I am in L-O-V-E with. Well, tonight Meeker and I went there to get some goodies for dinner – and our experience was so out of this world that I decided to do a whole post on how much I love this grocery store.

We don’t have access to a Whole Foods where we live, but honestly, with the opening of this gem of a place, I can deal with that. The prices are FANTASTIC (cheaper than the Kroger chain) and the food is knock-your-socks off good and they always have tons of variety.

Tonight, we originally went for sandwiches, but when we walked in, this is the first thing we saw…

Justin’s Nut Butter tasting! The nice lady there let us try all flavors off a spoon. Apparently, Justin is only 31 and has this amazing thing going. It is out of Boulder, CO – so it is local. Always a plus.

My favorite was the Maple Almond Butter and the nice tasting lady let me take some samples with me.

I mean, almond butter is already good – but add the maple flavor? Genius. It wasn’t too sweet, either. Just a hint of the maple flavor and all the goodness of almonds.

So, after eating probably 2 tablespoons of nut butter, my hunger was substantially less, however – I still wanted the sandwich. I went with veggie.

Another awesome thing Sprouts does – make your own sammy orders. Ding! (Another point)

While we were waiting for the sandwiches to be made, we browsed…I headed straight for my favorite aisle. Trail Mix.

Um, heaven? I want to jump into these bins and just swim around with my mouth open. Also, they have a different variety on sale each week – so I always get to try something new.

We decided to bring our sandwiches home, and as we were checking out, there was a tub of these interesting little packages called Nut Butter Balls. I picked one up, flipped it over to check out the ingredients (not bad, pretty natural stuff ) and the check-out clerk – who I think was a manager/owner – said “You can just take that, let us know what you think.” ….Okay, twist my arm. It was $1.19 – so I was extremely grateful to this man. Sprouts – you are a winning establishment. I salute you.

However, nuts don’t sit so well with my stomach late at night – so I will try it for breakfast and let you know what I think.

When we got home, I tore into my sandwich

Meek was as excited as I was. (He got some man-ish, meaty sandwich and scoffed at my veggies)

It was good, but it didn’t knock my socks off. At the end of the half that I ate (Yay, leftovers tomorrow!), I added some spicy mustard and that seemed to do the trick. Meeker loved his. Next time I might try turkey or something – maybe oil and vinegar as an addition. But overall, I enjoyed it and I am full. (Probably thanks to the nut butter tasting, too).

is the best thing out.
I am so glad we have one in Parker!

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