All. Grading. Finished. I can’t believe it. Definitely an all day affair.

I took a few breaks to (1) eat, obviously. (2) take Punky to the park. Even amidst the clouds – it was a good outing.

A mere 45 minutes after my extraordinary oatmeal, I was hungry again.

I went for the leftover sandwich from Sprouts yesterday.

I added some spicy mustard and a bit of mayo before digging in, and it TOTALLY did the trick. It rocked my socks off today. Maybe it was the sitting/mushing together in the fridge all night, or maybe it was the addition of the condiments. Maybe it was both.

Later, when a rumbling tummy told me it was dinner time, I opened to the fridge to find:

  • 1/2 leftover chicken breast
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 green bell pepper
  • 1/2 onion
  • leftover pasta
  • lots of condiments/sauces

After chopping all this (seemingly mismatched) bunch of food, I added some kidney beans and sautéed the heck out of it all.

This is what turned out…

So good! I love when fridge-clean-out meals like this work!

I am off to finish watching the Bronco’s game. Whoo! Football season means Fall!!

On another note, I keep getting texts from my best friend who is at the Daytime Emmy awards in LA, and she is schmoozing with Rachael Ray. THE Rachael Ray. Her boyfriend actually got to escort RR off the red carpet. WHO DOES THAT!?! So jealous.

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