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Nothing wrong with toast

After an invigorating bike ride this morning, I was craving yogurt. But I know my metabolism, and yogurt doesn’t usually cut it until lunch time, so I added some fun […]


All. Grading. Finished. I can’t believe it. Definitely an all day affair. I took a few breaks to (1) eat, obviously. (2) take Punky to the park. Even amidst the […]


Woke up this morning to clouds and fog. At first I was kind of excited, since there is no running on Sundays, I could just curl up on the couch […]


So, if you follow my blog, you have heard me mention the grocery store Sprouts that I am in L-O-V-E with. Well, tonight Meeker and I went there to get […]

From one extreme…

First, I have to highlight Meeker’s post-run breakfast. Apparently this is what helps him recover: Pile ‘o bacon, spicy hash browns and eggs. Whatever works, I guess. It made me feel […]

Saturdays are for moving

This was the best, best, best pre-run snack ever. A piece of multigrain toast with butter, and 2 slices of pear sprinkled with cinnamon. Geez it was good. The pears […]

Famished Friday

I was pretty much hungry all day. My breakfast was carb heavy, so I attempted to balance it out with my lunch: Greens, red pepper, corn cut off the cob, […]

still hungry!

I think I forgot what training for races does to my appetite. I am hungry constantly. I try to eat foods that will keep me full for a while – […]

Arroz con pollo sin una camara

I forgot my camera at work. I was photographing an adorable, fuzzy kiwi when I set it down on my desk – and left it there all day (and night […]

Already Thursday

I can’t believe it is already Thursday – this week has flown by! This morning, I have to go into work early because I actually have a conference before school, […]