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So dang.

Let me start off by saying that Meeker and I have our own, stupid language. It is mostly abbreviations and short words, sometimes we add suffixes. However, one of our […]

Miercoles en la Manana

I started today off with a walk in the park! Then came home and had some good eats: First: Then combined the two: Then I added some toast and coffee […]

Cloudy with a chance of broccoli

The intervals were not even a fraction of the pain and agony that I expected them to be. In fact – I enjoyed them immensely. Surprise, surprise. Also, it started […]

Picture day, continued

Success! Okay, so it’s a little awkward. But those pictures are always awkward. They tell you to turn your head at an odd angle and look “right here” – it’s […]

Oat bag…got my oat bag…

Has anyone ever seen that Jerry Seinfeld routine? (Does any still say “routine” when referring to stand up comedy??)…it makes me laugh every time. In this bowl, ½ cup oats, […]

Yes, I want lettuce wraps.

I spent the better part of my day dealing with an angry parent. Grrr. That is by far the worst part of my job. I try to remember that I […]

Clouds and eggs

I woke up to a cloudy morning, which made for a beautiful sunrise that I watched while walking with Punky. When I got home, I was hungry, hungry, so I […]

Sunday Smashed Sandwich

I was hungry just an hour or so after my salad, so I had a yogurt/granola snack This is plain yogurt, a spoonful of peanut butter, a drizzle of honey […]

Grits, cleaning, AC, and of course…salad

We were lazy this morning, and didn’t get out of bed until a little after 9:00. I then went on a cleaning rampage, and started scrubbing floors, counter tops and […]

Push it

When I was a freshman in high school, trying out for the soccer team, I remember hearing a rumor about the head coach and how he liked to put a […]