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January Cheesball Martin

Leftover Lunchies. This antique looking fork was in the drawer in our staff lounge. Me likey. This is the most uneventful lunch post, I know. I also had some cherries […]

Kitty in the Cupboard

I went for a very lovely bike ride this morning as a cross-training workout. Riding my bike is always (1) more challenging and (2) more enjoyable than I think it […]

Thursday, really.

Yesterday, I thought the entire day was Thursday. I even started passing out “Thursday Folders” to the kiddos – until the class of third graders┬ápolitely reminded told me how wrong […]

Coyotes and Cottage Cheese

A pre-sunrise walk this morning with Punky led to a pre-sunrise run when I heard coyotes in the bushes. I thought they were far, but Punky seemed to think they […]

Mama said

Last week, I was whining that I couldn’t eat after my speed-work runs, and my mama said that I would probably feel better when the weather cooled off. Well – […]

Hail and Oats

We had a heck of a hail storm last night! Our poor tomato plant got pelted…but it still has a few budding ‘ matoes on it, I hope they survive! […]

Monday, Monday

Remember how yesterday I said that if I had plain yogurt and a chocolate Odwalla bar… my breakfast would be stellar? Well, look who was hiding in the back of […]

veggies and chalk

Such a relaxing Sunday…just what I needed. I had seen a very enticing cookie recipe on Caitsplate for some Whole Wheat Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. I just happened to have […]

Breakfast, Work, Church, Lunch.

It’s 1:50pm, and I feel like I have already had a full day! The first few weeks of school are always a little chaotic, and I forgot how many hours […]

Lunch with a friend

This afternoon, I drove down to Colorado Springs to have lunch with a very dear friend named Tracy who I have known since elementary school! She lives in Connecticut, but […]