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Proud Wifey

This morning was our first long run for our training program. I woke up ready to RUN. Meeker, however, was dreading it. We woke up, hydrated and fueled. I had […]

Thank you Alex

My cousin’s wife (Alex), recently sent me this recipe for a summery sweet potato salad. I adore sweet potatoes, and was so excited to try this one out. After being […]

Friday Fruit

Good morning blogland! Today was another cross train day in our training program, so again I got to work out this morning. I took a nice bicycle ride through our […]

No Cook Katie

Because I have been unable to eat dinner the last few nights, and my in-laws had us over for dinner tonight, I feel like it has been forever since I […]

good news bad news

The good news…I was able to eat a little cold chicken (a favorite of mine) before I went to bed last night. I woke up feeling better this morning just […]

running after work

Since I have known my husband, I have been begging him to go running with me. He always says no. I tried to get him to run a marathon with […]

frozen fruit and oats

I really liked my food organization on Monday – so I tried to replicate it for Wednesday. Before I went to bed last night I made some overnight oats. Night-Before […]

WHAT a day.

Whoa. A lot happened today. I will stick with the things that pertain to food… I went crazy with organization last night, and got my lunch packed and my breakfast […]

Picnic in the Park

I re-fell in love with Colorado today. My family and I had so much fun picnic-ing and hiking and playing in a nearby stream. Here is the spread… and some […]

cookie disaster

I woke up this morning, so excited to bake a batch of cookies. My family is having a picnic this afternoon to celebrate my older brother’s birthday. After taking a […]