It’s not ideal – but I went with the 4 miles before school/4 miles after school plan today. I just couldn’t bear the idea of 8 miles after a long day. Nor could I handle the thought of running at 4:30am.

When I got back from the fabulous and relaxing 4 miles this morning, I had this smoothie again. It is the perfect post-run fuel for me.

After showering (and realizing that it is going to be a very dreary and cold day) – I made a very hearty and warm breakfast.

That is the heel of my homemade loaf of bread, toasted with cheese melted (under the broiler) and an egg on top. All doused in the best “hot sauce” ever. The “hot sauce” isn’t really that hot – just very flavorful. It is the
bottle in the background.

Unfortunately, I walked away from the egg while it was cooking, and it got a little over-done – so no drippy yolk – but this was still a stellar breakfast.

I’m off to see the wizard coffee pot…

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