About 30 seconds after I posted my breakfast, I pulled out of the garage and ripped my passenger side mirror off my BRAND NEW CAR. I immediately burst into tears, but couldn’t fall apart for too long because my school is 2 minutes from my house. Geez. I am so mad at myself I can’t even stand it.

That’s what a car looks like without a mirror on the side. Gaaahh.

However, today was Teacher Appreciate Lunch at my school! Our wonderful, wonderful parents make an enormous themed feast once a month for the teachers. Today’s theme was Asian.

Everything is always homemade, and everything is always DELICIOUS.

My plate was ¾ salad, but there was some traditional Asian fare on there.

Then of course…the dessert. Holy moly yums.

I chose 2, and that was really difficult.

I chose wisely. Both were delish. A Madeline cookie and a chocolate, chunk cookie. I almost forgot about the lack of a mirror on my car…

Meeker just laughed at me when I told him about the car (could I ask for a better reaction from my husband…who bought the car for me?!) and to make me feel better, he made LOBSTER for dinner. LOBSTER. (For the record, he went grocery shopping at his PARENTS house…which means FREE…which means we still stuck to our no-grocery-week-challenge. Is that cheating? Nah.)

I have only had lobster one other time in my life…and both times were phenomenal. Duh.

Meeker made his own “rub” that included: dried parsley, salt, cayenne pepper, garlic, onion powder and pepper. He grilled the tails and basted them with melted butter 2 different times during cooking. I DID forget about the mirror incident while I was eating dinner. I also had a salad and some canned asparagus.

Okay…this long post is over. I am so happy it is the weekend and I am going to now lie on the couch and watch Felicity re-runs.

Happy, Happy, Happy ‘Finally Friday!’

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