I had a question last week about what I eat before runs. Usually, I like to go on an empty stomach. I have a pretty finicky tum, and most things don’t sit will when I am movin’ and groovin’ (as evidenced by last week’s run). Two things that are usually “safe” for me to consume before runs are dry toast, or ½ an apple. This morning, I thought some banana bread (given to me by a nice parent in my class!) would be a good pre-run snack.

It tasted really good, and I wanted to eat more than just this ½ slice. But I am really glad I didn’t. It kind of started giving me some trouble around mile 7, but I pushed through to finish a good 8 miles. I love my Saturday runs.

After my run, I made a nice breakfast (the bagels were left in our teacher’s lounge yesterday by a parent who works at Starbucks…thank you Claudia!!)

I found two more frozen bananas in the back of the freezer (I always keep them in there for banana bread making purposes) – so it was more banana bliss. I split it with Meeker, and he was a big fan. I added cinnamon to mine this morning. It’s just like ice cream…

I have a long day at school ahead of me. I am dragging the Meek along to help me with a bulletin board, while I do some filing and possibly some grading/planning. Whew!


Also – thanks for all the nice comments about my stupid car. I’ve come to terms with it. It was an accident that is easily fixable, and there are just more important things in life – I just had to drop it and move on. Happy Saturday!

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