It’s no secret…I’m a snacker. I love snacks – it gives me more to look forward to during the day, and then it usually prevents me from gorging myself at dinner. However, today was pretty snack-less, and I came home with the desire to have a proper sit-down meal.

Salad. Sweet Potato. Pork Chop. Corn.

The pork baby with BBQ sauce – broiled.

Tons of salad with a bit of ranch.

And then a fantastic “Happy Fall” gift from Mocha Mom! A mini-fall-ceramic baking dish…

With ww banana bread plus frosting!

Oh so yummy – just as I suspected.

A wonderful meal, exactly the type I had been wanting all day.


I got a few comments (THANK YOU! I appreciate ALL of you!) from some readers inquiring about my workout schedule (which is early, early, early) – and I wanted to give some detail:

  1. I have not always been a 4:30am morning person – but I have liked morning workouts since high school. It all started with a weight lifting class before school at 6:30am, and my love of working out before my “real day” started growing from there.
  2. For most of my college years – I was a night person (really, who isn’t in college) and I used to work out at 11pm. I can’t even imagine being awake at 11pm now.
  3. My senior year of college I did student teaching and realized that I had NO energy at the end of a day, so I started working out in the mornings just for 20 minutes. Something easy to get moving: pilates, yoga, walks…etc.
  4. When I got married the summer after my senior year, I got a job that started at 9am, and it just seemed illogical to wait until I got home around 6:30pm (it was winter…very dark and cold), so I just switched over to mornings all the time. Plus, I wanted to be with my new hubby all the time (I still do!) and so I worked out when he slept: mornings.
  5. When I got my real teaching job about a year later, I knew that if I wanted to have exercise be a part of my life, it would have to be done before a 12 hour day. Mornings were really the only option.

…So, to sum it up, it was a progression. I went from a semi-morning person, to a college night-owl, back to full-fledge morning person again. Another benefit (and there are billions in my mind) to working out in the AM is that I am always in a good mood after exercise – and it allows me to start the day on a good note. But like I said this morning, it is NEVER easy to get out of bed. Never.

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