Summer weather came back for the day! I took full advantage of the sunshine and instead of grading papers – we went to the dog park all afternoon. It was glorious and we had fun playing in the water with the doggie.

I ate some pretty fantastic things, too.

Dried apple rings and 2 baby frozen cookies.

A bagel sandwich that was so satisfying…

A whole wheat bagel with a little cheese (melted under the broiler) and 2 egg whites with salsa.

The dinner…

½ sweet potato, roasted broccoli and carrots, plain yogurt and mashed avocado.

This was eye-closing good. I didn’t even want to chew it – but just hold it in my mouth and taste it forever. That’s not weird…right?

I think the only difference that I noticed regarding my post-run snack (and it could be coincidental), was that my metabolism was on fire! I snacked all day, and had pretty small meals (for me), but I was always ready for more food a couple of hours later. Not a problem for me – in fact, I prefer my food that way, so maybe there really is something to this post-run eating thing.

I will leave you with this picture of my kitties: Bagheera (Baggy) and Bellatrix.

I promise I won’t turn into the cat lady (at least not publically).

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