When I was a little kid, my grandpa used to tell me I was going to turn into a string bean, because that is all I ever ate.

Well…if that is the case, I am about 5 minutes from turning into a giant head of broccoli. I just can’t get enough of the green goodness.

The most perfect plate.

This was about 2 heads of broccoli, roasted in a 450* oven for 25 minutes. I seasoned with garlic salt and cumin. Then I poured a mix of balsamic vinegar and horseradish mustard over the top. I was famished, so while the broc was in the oven, I ate about ½ can of fat-free refried beans (oh so un-photogenic).

Then I forced myself to sit and grade.

Having a 2-pump pumpkin spice latte helped enormously. I finished about ¾ of my big pile while at Starbucks. Not a bad afternoon!


I will leave you with the introductory paragraph to one of the funniest 3rd grade stories I read this afternoon:

One day Jane was in a jumping contest. She was riding her best horse Mrs. Unger. Mrs. Unger was the best horse in the world. Mrs. Unger and I were doing great. We were going around the course like super stars. Finally we were done jumping…we had won the contest.


You hear that?! I am the best horse in the world! I think that deserves a raise.

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