Tuesdays are speed work in my half-marathon training plan. I usually don’t bring the dog because she can be a hassle. However, I brought her to the track this morning and she was perfect! I didn’t have her on the leash, but she ran right beside me in the next lane for 4x1600s. (Plus, when a man stepped on the track unbenounced to me, Punky growled and barked to alert me – good doggie).

I broke out the good stuff for breakfast.

1 cup milk, ½ cup oats, ¼ cup pumpkin, brown sugar, chocolate chips, and cinnamon. Definitely DPAAB (dessert parading around as breakfast).

Plus coffee out of a favorite mug.

Today is SPORTS DAY at school, and I am decked out in my CU Buffs gear.

What would you wear if it were SPORTS DAY where you work or go to school?

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