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Rain, Rain…

It started raining around 3pm and hasn’t quit. I secretly love it, because it is a good excuse to be a house cat for the afternoon. I got everything on […]

The Perfect 10

I woke up with some running anxiety this morning, so after a quick breakfast (¼ cup pumpkin granola and vanilla soy milk) I was out the door to pound it […]

The Cooking Bug

Meeker has caught the cooking bug, and I am A-Okay with it. He made a simple breakfast this morning, and took a picture (I think he is subconsciously jealous of […]

A Repeat Performance

We are out of coffee, and while I am not addicted to the caffeine, I am very attached to the ritual of drinking something hot in the morning, and I […]

Good Eats and Reads

I came home a little earlier than normal from work today (5ish). It is so easy to stay and work, work, work until my entire to-do list is checked off, […]

Tired, Turned Grateful

You know those mornings when you alarm goes off, and you are so tired that there is no way you could possibly get out of bed, but you have to […]

Rollin’ Along

This day dragged on for me today. I think part of it had to do with my hunger disappearing again. After breakfast, my appetite vanished, and didn’t really return. I […]

Dessert for Breakfast

I did an arduous 4.5 miles this morning with Punky in tow. Why is it that the medium distance runs are sometimes so much harder than the long ones? Oh […]

My Type of Taco Night

Meeker’s parents had us over for dinner tonight and it was so tasty. I had this plate x2. The taco salad was lettuce, cheese, ground beef, olives, avocado mashy goodness […]

Back in Business

Isn’t hunger a funny thing? I was so glad that some of my readers understood the frustration I felt with my no-hunger situation yesterday. As one reader put it – […]