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Early Morning Moves

I did not get hungry once yesterday. I was extremely frustrated with the situation because I love to eat. I had a few light snacks during the day, but no […]

Mini Vacation

I just got back from my little trip to Colorado Springs (about an hour drive away from where I live) to see my best friend, Jocelyn, and her family. We […]

Yes, I want toast

I have been on a toast kick lately. So, this morning I had just that. I started with a grapefruit This was the perfect thing to wake my mouth up. […]

Highlights from the Mile High

This afternoon, Meeker and I headed to A Taste of Colorado in downtown Denver. I was so excited about it, and I am sad to say it was a little…janky. […]

A breakthrough in breakfasts

This morning was a long run, and despite how hard I tried (to be honest, I didn’t try at all) – I missed my bedtime again last night. I am […]

Snacking into the weekend…

Another fabulous day of eating for this teacher! I have been coming home for lunch a lot more than usual because I can’t seem to get organized enough to pack […]

Bedtime already?

There is nothing that I want to do more than to crawl back into bed this morning. I stayed up way past my bedtime (for the third night in a […]


Everyone knows that teachers don’t make a ton of money. But there are some major perks to the job. This morning, I received this from a student’s mom who reads […]

Simple Pleasures

As much as I loved my run yesterday morning, I am glad today is a cross train on the old ½ marathon training regime. I woke up, did some easy […]

Peanut Butter!!

I walked in from a long day at work to find this on my kitchen counter: Hello Beautiful. I could NOT be more EXCITED!!! Thank you so much to Lauren […]