So far, day one of fall break has been a success.

I slept in until around 7:30 – and lay in bed for another hour. Wonderful. Then I hopped up, threw on shorts, sweatshirt and a snow hat, and went to the doggie park for a couple of hours. The weather was nice and fall-like.

I didn’t get any pictures our morning, because with lots of dogs, and lots of water – a camera is bound to get ruined. These photos are from the website, and it looked just like this on our visit this morning.

Then I came home, chugged a gallon of water, and my appetite FINALLY caught up with me. Prepare yourselves…

I started off small with a mini-burrito that was post-race swag yesterday

These are made just up the road in Boulder, CO – and it was fairly tasty, but didn’t 3oz. of burrito love didn’t even put a dent in my hunger.

So I made a big ‘ole salad with lettuce, cucumbers, a shredded carrot, a boca burger hummus and the balsamic vinegar. I love vinegar so much that I often contemplate drinking it out of the bottle.

Still not close to full…so something sweet!

This is just Kroger brand ice cream with cinnamon – but it honestly tasted like the best ice cream I have ever had.

So creamy and delicious. But, still a little lot hungry.

More race swag – a “sports cookie” – which was just a cookie (made with whole wheat flour and whey protein powder).

Aaaaaaaand now I am currently demolishing Meeker’s leftover dinosaur of a sandwich that he ate for lunch. I think I might be close to full….one voice inside my head is screaming “stop, stop, you’re going to get fat!” while another voice is calmly saying “you’re hungry…eat” – and I am kind of struggling with which voice to listen to right now. I’ve dealt with this pesky little voice before, and I know that I need to just listen to what my body needs – especially after pushing it so hard yesterday – but it isn’t easy. Hopefully the voices and I will come to some sort of agreement before dinner tonight.

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