This morning started out in a rush…

I woke up early enough, but then got sidetracked reading blogs, and was subsequently rushing to get ready for church. As a result, breakfast was quick.

Coffee and this smoothie (I’m still living off post-race swag) which I drank half of last night, and half of this morning. Before drinking it, I put it in the blender, dropped in a kiwi and a bit more water, and blended it. The kiwi added good tartness that I so desire when it comes to fruit. So dang.

Then I ate this in the car.

A pita with roasted red pepper hummus. It was a little dry, but got me through the morning to lunch.

My grandma, aunt, uncle, cousin, mom and dad met Meeker and I for lunch at mi restaurante favoritoSweet Tomatoes. This is an all-you-can-eat salad/soup/dessert bar and it is the ultimate test of my will-power because everything is so darn delicious that I have to practice self-restraint from the second I walk in the door.

I started with a big, fat salad. Full of all the good stuff…

Lettuce, zucchini, carrots, garbanzo beans, beets, cucumbers, corn, broccoli, raisins, sunflower seeds, olives, red cabbage.

Too good. Too, too good.

Then it was on to dessert…it was extremely difficult to pick only these 3 treats. As much as I give lovies to salad, trust me when I tell you I could have skipped the greens and eaten a mountain of desserts for lunch.

A baby cinnamon roll, one spoonful of chocolate mousse and the best crispy, tart, crunchy grapes ever.

That cinnamon roll is really a biscuit, with cinnamon chips and frosting. Again, so dang.

I may have picked at my grandma’s dessert plate, too. Here is a picture of my cute mom and Nonnie…

Oh, they make me smile.

Miraculously, I was hungry a few hours after returning home. A yogurt mess was on the menu.

  • Plain yogurt
  • ½ pear
  • 1 crumbled Hermit
  • A few cinnamon Quaker oat squares
  • And…….

½ of this guy…cinnamon + peanut butter = pure love.

Now I’m off to do the snow dance…

Yeah, even teachers pray for snow days…and they do it after a week long hiatus from work.

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