I have had some pretty fantastic things to eat since the last time I checked in.

Last night while watching some weird zombie movie called Fido (Meeker picked it from instant Netflix…he loves zombies…what a nerd) I made an oatmeal sundae (a la Sarah).

Best. Idea. Ever.

This is so good – it deserves its own recipe page, which I posted here. My favorite thing about this dessert was the combination of hot/cold textures. Gah – it’s unbelievable.

Meeker and I slept in this morning, and I awoke with a strong motivation to work out (level 3 of the shed) and clean. So that’s what I did. I realized at noon that I hadn’t eaten, so I made a pot of coffee and had  several cups with vanilla soy milk and cinnamon (I’m kind of obsessed with that flavor combo lately…)

And two of these bad boys…

Crunchy and perfect.

Then I decided that I needed to reorganize and clean my kitchen cabinets. At 2:30, I was staaaharving and (again) realized I hadn’t eaten much, so I whipped up a hearty lunch.

This is ½ an acorn squash filled with turkey/veggie soup (minus the broth), topped with Munster cheese and popped under the broiler for a few minutes until the cheese looked bubbly and browned.

I used an upside down muffin tin to keep the squash from falling over (a trick I saw on RR). Worked like a charm.

I also had a square of Newman’s Espresso Chocolate.

I really liked this one…the texture was the key for me. I could taste the crunch of the espresso all mixed in the chocolate goodness. I usually prefer my chocolate a little darker (70% or so) but the crunch of the espresso bean added a nice sharp flavor that made up for that. Two thumbs up.

After showering, Meeker and I decided to go to “dinner” at a restaurant called The White Chocolate Grill.

Here was my dinner choice…

I might go as far as to say that this was life changing.

Words like delicious don’t even really begin to describe the wonderfulness of this white chocolate bread pudding. I’m a huge fan of bread pudding – and this one was over the top. So rich, caramel-y, sweet, creamy…every flavor was so defined and delicious. The white chocolate part of the dish was melted, and the whole thing was plopped down on top of it. The flavor was reminiscent of a pecan pie (the burnt sugar) and caramel – all encapsulated in a chewy, bread-y, lovely square of mush. It literally took me an hour to eat because I savored each and every tiny bite that I took.

Then we came home and watched Dial M for Murder (which I had never seen, and loved) in between answering the door and doling out candy to trick-or-treaters. Now it’s about 10:00, the doorbell rings are starting to become few and far between, and the day is winding down. A very good Halloween in my book!

Also, happy birthday to my older brother, Matty! Here is a picture of us at my wedding a few years ago (has it really been 2 years!?!)


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