It was a gorgeous day here in Colorado – the sun was out, it was 60 degrees, and I actually got to be outside for 25 minutes of it (recess duty). It was glorious.

Backtrack to breakfast, which was a scrounging affair.

A ww pita with ½ a pear and a few slices of Munster cheese melted under the broiler. Oh, and cinnamon. Always cinnamon.

Lunch was pre-packed and (again) photographed last night.

A lovely pear, Newman’s honey wheat pretzels, Newman’s espresso chocolate, leftover black beans and rice (with spinach added) and a smoothie. I love these Mix 1 smoothies. They are made in Boulder, CO – and are so yummy and full of good things.

Today was a long one (I always say that…sorry), but pretty normal. I heard a really funny, disgusting story (those are the kind that 8 year olds love the most) from one of my students who has to sleep on the bottom bunk under her little brother, and as she put it “He always pees the bed in his sleep” I was doubled over laughing.

I got home, hangy again, and without a whole lot of food in the casa. I again snacked on these crispy delights while I tried to invent dinner.

Dinner is almost always made with whatever the heck I can get my hands on most quickly. It usually involves roasted veggies – because that’s such an easy go-to for me. Tonight was no exception. I went with a favorite …carrots, roasted.

Plus, leftover butternut squash, spinach, and a tiny piece of chicken, shredded into the mix. I then doused it in leftover pumpkin vinaigrette. Veggifull – just how I like my dinners.

And if I hear correctly…there is a leftover apple pastry in the fridge calling my name.

Off to eat an unhealthy dessert and watch The Biggest Loserignore the irony.

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