I had two fantastic surprises today – and I will most definitely talk about them later because they both have to do with food. Really, what else would I be excited about?

Unfortunately, the bitter taste is still lingering. Blech, it’s disgusting. The good news is that it only happens while I’m eating and then goes away about 10 minutes afterwards. Still, though – I’d like it to go away permanently.

I liked my breakfast so much yesterday, that I partially re-created it.

That’s half a banana with pumpkin butter. Crazy good. What’s in the bowl, you ask?

The other half of the ‘naner, one apple, and a handful of pomegranate arils – all doused in vanilla almond milk. Seriously – this is climbing the charts as my new favorite food. Fruit cereal, try it now.

And because I was too full to eat it last night, the doubletree cookie that was left in my school mailbox by a co-worker.

Holy moly this thing was delicious. Thaaaank you Mr. Pallas! Now I just need the recipe so I can eat these every day….

I was so thoroughly enjoying my breakfast that I left the house without my camera OR lunch. Foodie Fail.

However, it wasn’t that big of a deal because I live 5 minutes from my school, I just though “I’ll go home for lunch”. When I was signing out at 11:20 to go home – the girls at the front office said “You do know there’s a staff luncheon, right?” – Um, noooooo!! But I couldn’t be more thrilled!

What’s MORE, it was a Thanksgiving feast!! Turkey, stuffing, pies…the whole 9 yards. But I already told you I forgot my camera, so…lo siento. You’ll just have to take my word for it – everything was outstanding.

When I got home, this box was waiting for me…


I realize I’m probably the last person on earth to discover Vitatops, but that doesn’t stop me from being oh so excited. I am so thankful to the company for sending me these samples!

Meeker immediately ripped into the Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip variety, took one bite and said “Ew, this tastes bland…and healthy” – when I excitedly exclaimed “Well, yeah! It’s got vitamins, and it’s only 100 calories!” He promptly told me that he didn’t care (but he ate the whole thing anyway). I can’t wait to try my first one for breakfast tomorrow. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Three Course Dinner:

  1. Self explanatory salad
  2. An onion + egg + spinach baked thing. (I’ve yet to give it a name)
  3. Bread with pumpkin and peanut butter (folded into a sandwich after the photo)

And that wraps it up! Three great meals, two delicious surprises and one long day…check!

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