No, I didn’t spend the day channeling this 90s stoner flick, but I did find myself alternating between baked and raw foods all day.

After church, I made some baked tofu and a ½ a baked sweet ‘tater.

The tofu inspiration came from Cait, and I added hummus to upgrade to full hippy status. I also put balsamic vinegar and spicy mustard on the potato.

Then I made an un-baked dessert – fudge baby love.

The next baked item was lasagna for a mom in my class who just had back surgery

Meeker was really jealous that this got packed up and delivered to someone besides himself.

I also baked some beautiful pumpkin molasses cookies to send with the lasagna.

I saved half for myself to appease the husband.

And dinner was another un-baked combination that would have made Elvis proud.

A sliced banana with peanuts, mini chocolate chips, and vanilla soy milk. (Actually, I’m not sure how Elvis would have felt about soy milk, but the banana, peanut, chocolate combo…hunka, hunka burnin’ love)

It has been snowing pretty much all day, so I’m going to go flush some ice down the toilet and keep my fingers crossed for a snow day tomorrow!

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