Brr! It’s so stinkin’ cold here in Colorado! I’m not even sure the temperature got into the double digits today – eek!

I did some easy yogadownload this morning – and then made-over some of Meeker’s dinner from last night.

The black beans, corn, and tomatoes were already in the fridge, and I added spinach and two eggs. Holy yum.

Then it was busy, busy, busy until lunchtime.

Because of the cold temperatures, my class has had indoor recess for the last few school days – so, before I let them go to lunch, I made them do 5 continuous minutes of aerobics. We did push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, butt bottom kicks, and high-knees. I did it all with them, and I broke a sweat! It was like the 3rd grade version of Jillian Michaels – yelling at them to keep going! – they all thought it was really fun.

Lunch was more of what I had for breakfast, plus a fudge baby and a lot of hot water to keep me warm.

I also hit the jackpot with some yummy goodies that a mom sent in for me today.

Homemade banana bread and a beautifully-blue blueberry muffin. I ate the bread mid-afternoon, and saved the yummy looking muffin for Meeker – blueberry muffins are his favorite.

Along with these muffins, Tona sent in sun butter galore!

Look at Punky zooming by in the background…

Seriously?! She is so thoughtful! This is my stash after I shared some with the other teachers. Unbelievable generosity.

I came home to more wonderful news – Meeker’s mama had sent over a pot of chili.

With a few broken tortilla chips crumbled on top – what could be better on a fah-reee-zing cold Monday night?

I also got my package of Bear Naked granola today – whohoo! I’m sure this will be dessert tonight.

Oh, and the denim part of the title? Our principal surprised us with teacher dress down days for the rest of the year! (a whole 9 days!!) When I asked her reasoning, she said it was too cold to dress up, and “it was time” ….whatever that means, I am so not complaining. I will probably be wearing denim
from now until December 18th – after that will be jammies all day every day.

What is your dress code like where you work/go to school?

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