Christmas Vacation has begun.

One (of the million) nice things about teaching elementary school is the spirit that surrounds holidays. Today was Christmas all day long – and I really tried my best to relinquish all the control I wanted to have, and just enjoy the laughter and chaos. I mostly succeeded – but it sure is nice to be at the end of this day sitting on my couch wearing my new, fuzzy red socks.

Speaking of new things…I really had a great haul this year.

I know it’s hard to tell – but there are six bags FILLED with chocolate, home-baked goodies, starbucks gift cards, candles, journals, tea and flowers. Apparently, parents like to buy their kid’s teachers things that make them feel fat and relaxed. I’m totally okay with it.

Speaking of relaxing – I got a Target gift card and immediately went there after school to buy my first yoga mat. Then, rushed home to use it in the dark with candles and a fireplace roaring to unwind with 20 minutes of yoga. Ahhhhhh.

Next, I ripped into my new package of furry socks (above) and a petite teapot from my ex-Chinese student.

With some chamomile

I feel goooood.

I also managed to steer clear of most of the Christmas crap (sugary snacks) that came in through my door today.

Here are some things I did eat.

I actually do have work tomorrow – but it’s a staff-only grading day, and I already posted my grades for the quarter! Yipee! I will spend the morning organizing and planning and then a staff lunch…can’t wait!

Happy Thursday!

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