I have missed you all during the last week – everything has been a whirlwind, but I am happy to be back, lying in my own bed, watching the snow fall.

My trip to Mexico was fantastic (how could it not be?) and can be summed up with four things.

  1. Laying on the beach

  1. Reading

I finished this book this week (and snacked a lot), and started on a new one, too. I probably laid on the beach and read for 6-7 hours each day – pure relaxation.

  1. Eating

    We stayed at an all-inclusive resort, so I had a lot of plates that looked like these. I also had my fair share of unhealthy stuff (think chips and salsa, fried fish and soft serve ice cream) – but you can be sure that I ate my weight in pineapple, carrots and beets.

  2. Playing in the ocean

    These pictures are actually of the boys playing, but I did enjoy my own body surfing and swimming.

I tell you – it felt nothing like Christmas or my birthday (the 22nd) – and I was so totally okay with it. I tend to stress myself out of the holidays and this vacation allowed me to relax and just live in the moment while enjoying sunshine, water, and family. Thank you to my fantastic in-laws for the trip…Best. Christmas. Present. Ever.

When the plane landed, it was snowing here in Colorado – and I was still in Mexico mode. I was wearing flip flops, and my little piggies were covered in snow and FREEZING. Quite a shock to go from 85* to 18* in 4 hours. However, the snow plunged me head first into Christmas mode.

The next day was spent Christmas shopping (I didn’t even start until December 24th…eek!) but we got it all finished, wrapped and were at church by 4pm. Afterwards, we went to my in-laws for their traditional finger food dinner.

Christmas day was spent opening way too many gifts, laying on the couch and being with my husband’s family. My father-in-law made his traditional omelet breakfast for us all.

Unfortunately, I had NO appetite later in the day, so I didn’t partake in Christmas dinner (although I did manage to force down a slice of apple pie later in the night during card games…)

Christmas will be celebrated with my family tomorrow – so I have a busy day ahead of me while preparing for that…the season continues!

I sincerely hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!

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