I had another Christmas today…another beautiful thing about being married is getting to share in another family’s traditions as well as your own! Win, win.

My family’s food tradition for Christmas something we have dubbed Mexican-Pile-On.

Fairly self-explanatory.

We set out large bowls of everything Tex-Mex (chips, beans, meat, salsa, cheese, guac, rice) and everyone piles their plate full of whatever they want. It might be my favorite meal of all time. Works well for our family of 18, too.

Then we had a small gift exchange (we all just buy a present for one person) and then a hilarious hour of white elephant gifts. I got robbed of a pair of pleather leggings and a can of spam, but ended up walking away with a door mat (actually cute), some chip clips, and a sweet workout DVD called Jiggle Free Buns – all in all, I think I did pretty well.

I also got some fantastic foodie birthday gifts.

Foodie refrigerator poetry

A cake pan shaped like Texas (where my family is from…)

a stove-top espresso maker, The Foodie Handbook – and many gift cards to restaurants. I’m such a happy camper.

After eating, we took a walk and saw the most bizarre thing ever. (Beware: It’s a little morbid)

That is a dead, frozen bird (hanging by its beak) to a power line! How WEIRD IS THAT!?

My cousins and my niece freaking out about it…

I mean…really bizarre. I just had to share. I told my mom about it when we got back from the walk, and she was so sad, she refused to look at the picture – so I apologize if I offended anyone, I just thought it was too crazy to withhold.

Okay, with that, I am off to get a little snackie and veg on the couch…ahhhh, Christmas is over.

  1. Do you have multiple holiday celebrations? Or does it end on the actual day?
  2. Have you EVER seen anything so weird as that bird? Please share! Also, any guesses as to how in the heck that happened??
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