I wish I could have this type of day every day. It may lose its appeal after some time, but it was just right for today.

Breakfast was so leisurely, it felt indulgent. Good thing I’m still on vacation.

I used my new stovetop espresso maker to create a semi-latte.

And what I mean by semi-latte is that I don’t have a milk frother – so I drank my espresso with hot milk.

I got this adorable mug as a Christmas gift from a friend last night (thanks Lib!) She also gave me some special extra-strength cinnamon! She knows me well…

And that’s Regis and Kelly in the background. I drank my milk/espresso/cinnamon, watched TV and eventually got hungry enough to whip up some oats.

I started with ½ cup of oats in ½ cup water, ½ cup milk – and cooked them on the stovetop until almost finished, then I added a spoonful of brie cheese to bump up the creamy factor.

When they finished, I topped with a dollop of delectable fig spread and more cinnamon…

So dang.

After laying around and reading blogs, I ran some errands, and then came home for a chilly, but glorious run.

That shirt I am wearing was a birthday present I received last night…thanks Andrea! I think I ran about 5 miles, I didn’t time myself and I loved every second of it. I came home feeling hungry and energized.

I refueled with some Chicken Chili and giant grapes.

Mmm, mmm better than Campbell’s

Because of the snow, it’s been a while since I’ve had a good run- and I forgot that it turns me into a major snackface. I’ve just been munching on things all afternoon – all unpictured, lo seinto. Think veggies and hummus, more grapes, dark chocolate and banana/sunbutter. The best kind of day.

Who knows what’s in store for dinner, more snacking I suspect.

I hope you all are staying warm and enjoying this Tuesday as much as I am!

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