The cookie party was a success!

Here are my girls…

(I’m the one in the white/blue stripes on the left)

I have known these girls my whole life – they’re like family. It was so good to see them all. After a fair amount of hugs, laughter, and dinner, we went crazy with frosting and sprinkles.

5 dozen blank slates…

I made basic sugar cookies, and then made frosting using powdered sugar and milk (and food coloring!)

Such colorful creativity.

There was also some fantastic snacking (not all on cookies).

The best friend stopped at Whole Foods on the way up to my house, and got some delicious cheese selections, crackers, grapes and fig spread – and she’s so nice, she left all the uneaten yummies with me! (Something about grapes and cheese being difficult to carry on a plane back to LA). We also ate tons of veggies and hummus…snacky wonderfulness.


Thank you to Kelly for the award! I have a really tough time coming up with new things about me, but here goes…

  1. I DVR Rachel Ray’s talk show, and watch it almost every day while I make dinner.
  2. I have a completely distorted personal clock….since I was 18, I’ve felt that my time to start a family is running out. The clock is ticking and YES, I know I’m crazy.
  3. I have always claimed to hate bananas, but recently…I’ve been loving them – like 2 a day. Grown up taste buds?
  4. I don’t really like any form of protein – except nut butter.
  5. While I have 3 pets, and love them all – I’m not a big animal person.
  6. My dad used to pay me $100 a year to not watch TV when I was in elementary school. That is so much
    money when you are 8 years old – and so totally worth it.
  7. I want to move to Arizona. Mostly because it’s warm there.

So there you go, 7 things you might not have known about your local cake lover.

I’m passing this award on to:

KT @ The Sneaker Teacher

Naomi @ One Fit Foodie

Jessica @ How Sweet It Is

Joelle @ The Pancake Girl

Cait @ Cait’s Plate

…there are others, of course, but it’s dangerously late for this 25 year old grandma (like 1:02am) and I can’t think straight.

Happy Tuesday! I wish you were ALL here to help me polish off my gazillion sugar cookies!

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