Breakfast number one – Christmas cookie

Breakfast number two – Muesli and banana

Breakfast number three (or we could call this lunch) – Omelet

Alongside a cup of coffee and my new cookbook

Insert: 20 minutes of yoga

Two o’clock snack – crackers, fig spread and cheese

flipping through the cookbook once again…

Dinner number one

An onion, carrots, mushrooms, red potatoes and elk meat into the Romertopf
– cooked @300* for two hours.

I took one bite of the elk meat and discovered that I really don’t like it – it tasted like I was sucking on a penny – coppery and tangy. Bleh.

So, I just ate some carrots and mushrooms instead.

Insert: 30 minutes of yoga.

Dinner number two – Vanilla ice cream and a buckeye

Not the healthiest day I’ve ever had, but I’m okay with it. Once in a while, a girl just has to have a sugar cookie for breakfast and ice cream for dinner…

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