Happy New Year’s Eve!

My day was filled with laziness – and I tried to fully embrace it. I managed to squeeze in a walk (mostly for the dog’s sake) and a 60 minute Yoga to the People podcast – by far my favorite free podcast out there. But, otherwise – I lazed.

On the eating front…some highlights.

Toasted banana bread with pumpkin butter, and coffee in the back.

Omelet – exact replica of yesterday’s.

Mr. and Mrs. Sugar cookie

And Meeker and I just got back from The Outbackwhere I had a chicken Caesar salad, and the best sweet potato I’ve ever tasted. I’m sure it was cooked in a vat of butter – but it did have cinnamon on it, and I loved every bite. I also have some leftovers that will be killer tomorrow.

I can’t believe it’s already the end of the decade…I hope you all have a fun-filled evening!

See you in 2010.

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