Can this week be over already?

I’m going to make this short and sweet because I’m exhausted. I’m actually still at work – doing my second job – which is answering phones in the office. A little more pay tacked on to a teacher’s salary is always a good thing, but on a Friday night, it doesn’t seem worth it…on Monday, though – it’s an easy extra two hours of plan time and $30 bucks. Amazing what a difference a few days makes, no?

Breakfast – inhaled on the way out the door.

One whole egg, one egg white, hummus, siracha and a small tortilla.

Lazy Lunch.

Canned soup from my win– this variety was delicious. Had a sweet quality to it, which I loved. I also had a tortilla with hummus on the side (can you tell I just got a big package of tortillas that I’m trying to eat up?)


Love these bars – it’s essentially a big cookie. I ate this while sipping green tea out of the green mug in the background.

I also ate some sunbutter from these cute little sample packages.

1.5 ounces of creamy fat, spooned straight into my mouth. A fantastic Friday snack.

And due to popular demand…

Highlight from the 3rd grade world…

  • I had a student clean out his insanely messy desk today, and he found a slice of rotten banana bread, months old, lots of mold, lots of nastiness mashed into all of his late/missing worksheets. It really bothers me that I didn’t make him do this sooner.

I can leave in 5 minutes…I must start packing my things!

Happy Friday Night!

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